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This is the Academy 1/72nd scale model of the early WWII naval fighter. This was the first of the U.S. Navy's single wing carrier based fighters. Just before Pearl Harbor the Navy still had biplanes because they felt they were more maneuverable and more rugged than monplanes. This plane at the beginning of the war was no match for the Zero. (Imagine how outclassed a biplane would have been!!!) This model depicts the plane of Lt Cmdr Thatch from the carrier Yorktown at the Battle of Midway. He provided fighter cover in the first wave attack on the Japanese task force. He scored several victories in the battle, but the Yorktown was so badly damaged that he was forced to land on the Hornet and stayed there throughout the remainer of the battle. This was an earlier Academy kit and required a lot of scratchbuilding like the whole cockpit and wheel well area. Despite this the surface detail and fit were quite good. Not bad for a $4.00 kit. The decals were Aeromaster as was the paint. The numbers were cobbled up from other decal sheets and black trim sheet for the "1's". I left the canopy closed because I did not spend a lot of time detailing the interior.