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This is a model of the SAAB Viggen. This fighter interceptor is of 70's vintage and is getting a little outdated by the more modern jets. Numerous upgrades have kept it up to date, but it's service life is coming to an end. It is unique as it was the first modern jet to incorporate front canard wings. It also has the capability of fairly short take offs and landings allowing ii to take off and land on highways. This is a good capability in the European war scenarios. This is the old Hasegawa kit and the fit was so so. I had to do a lot of fiddling on the wing to fuselage joint to get it right. The cockpit detail was minimal and I had to do some scratchbuildong on the instument panel and control stick and ejection seat to spruce it up a bit. I was going to leave the canopy closed, so I did not go overboard in this area. The decals provided were for the prototypes, so I used the leftover decals from the Gripen to turn this one into an operational aircraft. I also scratchbuilt all the missiles for this aricraft from sprue and sheet styrene. The under fuselage missile rails were also scratchbuilt per some reference photos I found on the web. Finally I simulated the engine vanes as no details were included. The current two tone grey paint scheme was used. I rate the kit a C+, but it is one of the few ones of this unique plane still made.