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Anoither nice Academy kit of this famous torpedo bomber. This is a BIG plane. I saw one in person at the Chino Air Museum and could not believe how big it really was. This plane was the replacement for the TBD Devastator and was moderatley successful. The Navy's torpedoes in WWII were really bad especially the air dropped ones. This plane was more useful as a naval attack bomber against shore facilities rather than a dive bomber. Several were stationed at Midway island but proved ineffective in their attacks. The name came from the result of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. This plane is probably most famous for the flight of Avengers lost in the Bermuda Triangle after the war attributed to all those UFO stories. This kit was pretty good typical of the Academy kits. Interior needed some additions and seat belts etc. but otherwise it is box stock. Paint is the late war two-tone blue on white scheme. It is kinda striking. Aeromaster paints were used. Kit decals were excellent. A nice addition to the collection.