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This was a rare find. I wanted to build all the Midway planes in 1/72nd scale and there are no current models of this plane produced today. The hobby shop told me that somobody made one years ago, but he did not know who. Well I was browsing through ebay and saw several MPC Devastators for auction. This is an OLD kit from my youth. I got it for a pretty good price on an off day along with a 1/72nd scale Helldiver (also rare). This is a truly GREAT KIT!!! It makes some of today's kits look bad by comparison. I had forgotten how good the MPC kits really were. Too bad they are not around anymore (Some are in reissues). The surface detail especially the corrugated wing surface was crisp as was the rivet detail. The fit was great and it needed very little filling. Too bad the real plane was not as good as this kit. At the start of the war this plane was already obsolete. Its only claim to fame came in the Battle of the Coral Sea. I modeled the plane from one from Torpedo 4 which scored one of several successful torpedo hits on a small Japanese carrier which was sunk. The paint scheme and markings were the intial ones used by the Navy at the beginning of the war. Interesting to note that this was the last battle where any red was left on the tail surfaces and insignia. They were removed when it was noted that naval gunners would shoot at anything with red on it like the Japanese meatball. Aeromaster paints were used as well as a combination of kit and left over Aeromaster decals and hand painted tail stripes. The kit decals were very old and required special attention to get them to snuggle down and stick to the corrugated wing surfaces. Thank goodness for modern setting solutions. I also had to use copious amount of thinned white glue to augment the kit decals as they were really old and the decal glue had lost its potency. I am really happy with the way this kit came out and it will remain in my collection for a long time. It will be worth a lot someday.