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This is an interesting one. It is the 1/76th scale Matchbox Russian T-34 that was pressed into German service. It is built box stock with the exception of drilling out the gun barrel with a small drill. These small scale tanks are nice little jewels and look good next to 1/72nd scale planes. You get an idea how BIG those planes really are!! It seems at the start of the Russian front war, the Germans were unpleasently surprised by the Russian T-34!! It could outgun any German tank at the time until the Panther and Tigers arrived. Its sloped armor could also resist the German anti tank rounds at the time. All in all a tough little bugger!! So what did the Germans do? Well they would capture or refit abandoned T-34's and apply German markings and use them against their enemy. This was a stop gap until the superior Tigers and Panthers arrived. Similar weathering techniques as the JagdPanzer was used. The model was first sprayed overall olive drab like the Russians did and then the panzer colors were oversprayed like the Germans would have done.