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Scratchbuilding Spoiler Rods

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Recently NASCAR mandated that the rear spoilers on the cars have rear spoiler supports installed to insure that the spoiler angle would stay constant through the race. This added detail can make a nice additional detail to any newer model and it is easy to do. You will need reference shots of the particular car or similar team car to insure number and placement of these spoiler rods.

The basic rod is made from Evergreen .025 rod. I first paint a length of rod to the appropriate color. For the most part they are silver or aluminum, but some are black. I then cut a bunch of rods to 3/8" lengths. be dure they are all the same length as this insures a consistent look.

There are two basic types of spoiler rod configurations I have found. One type is simply the rod cut to length and then applied as is. On the acutal car the rod is slightly offsett from the spoiler and rear of the car by short standoffs. These standoffs are too small for me to model properly and I just do not do it. The other configuration is a turnbuckle type device that I simulate by flattening both ends of the rod about 1/32" from the end and then bend each end at about the same angle as the spoiler in the same direction. I use a small set of hobby pliers to do this.

I apply each spoiler rod to the rear end of the car using a small drop of white glue on the end of each end. The white glue is thick enough to hold the rod in place while the glue dries. It dries clear and any mistakes can be clean off with water on a small brush. Reference shots are important to determine number of rods, placement. and angle. I have seen as few as 6 and as many as 12 so check your sources.