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This is a 1/72nd scale model of the legendary hero of the Battle of Britain Spitfire. It is the Airfix kit with a complete photetched cockpit details set by Eduard. I also used an aftermarket Squadron Signal canopy as the kit canopy was junk. Even with these additional details the cost was still less than a Hasegawa kit and the results were much better. The markings were also aftermarket Aeromaster decals. In fact I got the Battle of Britain set which had decals for five planes two spits, one hurricane and two ME-109's a real deal. I used the Hurricane decals on the Hurricane included here. The paint was Aeromaster. The canopy was left open as was the boarding door to show off the detailed interior. I also used true Details "weighted tires". Still cost less than a Hasegawa. The Aeromaster decals are the best I have ever used.