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Slabsiding An Older Monte Carlo Body

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The older Monte Carlo kits had a curved in lower body that was incorrect for all Winston Cup Monte Carlos. While some teams retained the curved style on the BGN cars the Cup cars were all slab sided. Here is a quick conversion

I always glue on the lower front valance to aid as a visual aid in adding the slab side. Here is what the body looks like before mods.

The first thing I do is lay a piece of masking tape about 3/4" up from the bottom of the side skirts right at the point where the curve inward begins as shown in the next drawing.

I use the lower edge of the maskig tape as a guide in cutting off the bottom of both sides. I use a Moto Tool with a cut off wheel. I then use a combination of a sanding drum in the Mototool and a sanding block to bring the cut edge up to the tape line. i then cut a rectangle of .040" thick styrene about 3/4" wide and a little longer than the length fo the side and glue it in place with CA glue. I try to keep the outer edge of the strip as even with the body to minimize the filling later.

After the strip is glued on I use 240 grit sandpaper to sand the joint in preparation of applying filler putty to blend in the area. I use Squadron Signal white putty for this. I apply the putty to the are and smooth it with modeling spatulas. It helps to wet the spatulas with alcohol. I let the putty dry overnight and wet sand the area with progressive grades of sandpaper until smooth. I prime the area and check for defects and repeat as necessary until the area is perfect.

After the area is good to go, I use .030" thick styrene to simulate the side skirts. A completed conversion appears in the auto model gallery as the Burger King Flames Monte Carlo