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This is the famous A-1 Skyraider used extensively in Vietnam. This is the H model. This plane was very successful in the war and was used primarily for close air support and downed pilot air cap duty as the "Sandy". It also went by the nickname "Spad" and "Dump Truck". It's great endurance allowed it to loiter for long times over the target area and it's great weapons load made it a lethal combination to the unfortunate enemy below. This is based on the old Fujimi kit. As with all Fujimi kits the fit is excellent and surface detail is great. No problems were encountered in assembly, but the decals were a royal pain in the butt. They apparently were old and they had to be slowly peeled off their backing with a pair of tweezers to loosen them before applying them to the model. I was afraid that the glue would be dissolved in the water, but they still had plenty and conformed with a little setting solution. The standard light gull gray over white of that era was used for this Navy bird. Fortunately there was an abundance of reference photos on the internet. The only disappointment was the ordnance. The bombs were the wrong shape and I wanted to include napalm canisters. The 250 lb. bombs were the wrong size and could not be salvaged. I could have used them as phosphorous bombs, but not on this one. The 500 pounders were salvageable by reshaping the nose to a more slick configuration and I added the extended fuzes to be unique. I scratchbuilt some napalm canisters from styrene. I only wanted to mount a central drop tank, so I removed the pylon from both wing tanks, used one to make a pattern to scratchbuild two replacement wing pylons for the napalm. An overall nice kit.