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This is a Hasegawa 1/72nd scale model of the Pzkpf IV F2. This was the workhorse of the German armored forces from the mid to the end of the war. It appeared in many variants starting with a 50mm gun. This variant mounted the potent L48 gun. It was smaller than the bigger Panthers and Tigers, but used less fuel and was faster and more maneuvrable plus it was cheaper and easier to build than its bigger cousins. Its gun could defeat most Allied armor. It is the opinion of most experts that if the Germans would have produced this tank in great numbers rather than diverting their attention to the more complicated Panthers and Tigers, the course of the war could have been changed. Its chassis was used in the assault guns and other tank killers with equal success. I was disappointed with the fit of this kit, especially the upper to lower hull fit and the rear turret box to turret fit which took a lot of work for such a small kit. Don't know what happened with Hasegawa on this one as their plane kits are noted for their perfect fit. The surface detail was very good though. The model is again painted in the familiar late war camoflage. It was weathered lightly , but other than that it is box stock. I would not recommend the Hasegawa small scale armor kits as they are rather pricey for the fit quality. I prefer the value of the Matchbox or Revell of Germany kits. Hasegawa does offer more variety. I used left over Aeromaster paints on this one. One word on Aeromaster. I feel these paints were the best I have used for small scale models. They go on very thin and cover well. They are pre lightened for scale effect. They were produced per Aeromaster specs by Floquil, but when Floquil was taken over my Testor's, Testor's refused to deal with Aeromaster and the line died. Too bad cause these paints were indeed awesome!!