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This is the 1/35th scale model of German Panther Ausf A based on the early Tamiya kit. This version of the Panther was the most produced in the war. It's design came as a direct result of the shock of the Russian T-34 superiority over the earlier Panzer II and III's during the Russian campaign. Compare this design to that of the Russian T-34 on the other pages and you will see a remarkable resemblance. Note the sloping armor on the hull and turret and the much more effective 75 mm gun. This tank was by far the best meduim tank of the war. One drawback of the design was the running gear and it s maintenance. you will note that to repalce the inner bogey you had to remove a total of FIVE bogeys surrounding the one to replace or service it. Although the design was better for traversing obstacles and speed and maneuverability. This is a representative version of the "Totenkompf" SS Panzer Division. These early Tamya kits were originally motorized so I had to fill in the holes and remove the molded in axle tubes and fill in the holes in the lower hull. In addition I had to fill in the area under the side hull surfaces as these areas are open on the model. When you add the side skirts you cannot even see in that area, but I know the ara is filled in as the real tank. The side skirts are sheet styrene with little tabs to simulate the attachment hangers. The hanging brackets were made from strips of cut up strips from a soda can attached per the reference photos. Zimmerit was applied to the hill surfaces, but not to the skitrts on this one. I finished this tank a little differnt from my others. After first painting the overall hull, turret, road wheels the standerd dark yellow, I assembled all the major compinents (I also painted the rubber on the road wheels too.) into a near competed assembly including the skirts and tracks. I then applied the contrasting red brown and dark green camoflage pattern. I applied gloss to the decal areas and applied the decals. I also glossed over the road wheels and wicked in some dark was into those areas to show grime I added all the tools, machine gun, tow cables etc. I then shot Dullcote over everything to give it an overall flat finish. Then i used Tamiya red brown thinned to a 70/30 alcohol/paint ratio and oversprayed the entire model from about 6-8 inches away to give it an overall dirty weathered look. I just kept spryaing until it looked right. I then mixed a very light tan (buff) from red brwon and white in the same 70/30 ratio and sprayed this on the lower road wheels and tracks to simulate dust and dirt. A little drybrushing here and there and it was done. I found this technique on the net and I will eventually post it here.