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A model of what has to be the best and most famous fighter of WWII. This is the Airfix kit. This kit is a real bargain and the detail is pretty good out of the box. I added some scratchbuilt details for the cockpit and seat, but with the exception of the aftermarket canopy and Aeromaster decals, it was box stock. The Aeromaster 1/72nd scale decals are a terrific bargain as you get complete decals for at least 4 planes including all the country insignias for all 4 planes. No markings are "shared" as with other manufacturers. This is a unique replica of a plane that served in both theaters of war. It fought in Europe and later in the Pacific. This was my first attempt at a bare metal finish as well as invasion stripes. I used the SnJ metal finish system which comprises of a spray netal lacquer followed by polishing powder. The surface looks like aluminum and unlike Testor's Metalizers can be masked with masking tape without screwing up the finish. Perfect for this model as the invasion stripes were done after the metal finish as well as the anti glare panel. The stripes on the horizontal stab are decals The cockpit framing was done with Bare Metal Foil same as I use on cars. How about that!? I really liked the way this model came out.