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A model of what has to be the best two engine fighter of WWII. This is the Airfix kit. This kit is a real bargain and the detail is pretty good out of the box. I added some scratchbuilt details for the cockpit and seat, but basically this kit used the kit decals and it came out pretty good. This plane was nicknamed the "forked tailed devil" by the German pilots that faced it in combat in the early part of WW II. This plane was very powerful and fast and in the hands of a good pilot was almost invincible in the skies over Europe and the Pacific. It had tremendous firepower and was an extremely stable gun platform. Well at least the American version was with its counterrotating propellers which cancelled out any engine torque. Coupled with the superchargers these planes had high speed and good maneuverability for a two engine fighter. The Lightnings that were sold to the Brits did not have these features and were not as readily acceptable to the British which caused some friction between the Allies. This plane represents one from the Pacific theater in the standard olive drab/neutral grey scheme. This plane gained its fame as the one that was used to successfully shoot down the Betty bomber carrying the infamous Admiral Yamamoto on one of his tours of the troops, thus avenging the attack on Pearl Harbor. A lot of lead weight was needed in the nose and forward nacelles to have this model sit on its nose wheel.