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Another Airfix challenge. This is the 1/72nd scale MIG-21 kit. It was cheap so I got it. I had never built a MIG-21 so I chose a cheap one first. I was originally going to make this a Russian one in natural metal finish, but the fit was so poor that the metal finish showed all the flaws at first and I was not satisfied with the kit markings so I striped it and found some real good reference shots of the Finnish Migs on the net and the kit Finnish markings were better, so I opted for those markings instead, the camoflage hides the little flaws nicely. Again I had to completely scratchbuild the cockpit as the hobby shop did not have a detail set or cockpit tub available. Fortunately after much digging I found a Russian made after market resin ejection seat of the right type. I found that a good after market seat adds a lot of realism to jet models. I was also fortunate to get a lot of good color reference cockpit shots for scratchbuilding the cockpit Next time I will get a Hasegawa kit. Aeromaster paints again were used. I kinda like the scheme. First Finnish plane I have built.