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This was my first Indy car in a long time and the decision to do it was kinda strange. I am a big Mario Andretti fan and have a goal of doing a model of each of his cars once in my lifetime. These AMT kits are kinda cheap on e-bay and I never have liked the all white K-Mart car and always have wanted to do the 1987 Lola that Mario virtually dominated the Indy 500 that year. This was Mario's last hurrah at Indy when he dominated qualifying to capture the pole. He dominated the race as this was the first year for the Ilmore Chevy engine and had a two lap lead late in the race until the car had electrical problems. I liked this all red version and when I found out that Indycals made aftermarket decals for that car, I knew I had to make one. Some of the guys on the model boards I frequent were kind enough to send me lots of reference photos and the process began when I found a real cheap kit on e-bay. The only modification I made to back date the Lola from the 1988 version to the 1987 version was to add a thin outlet in the top left side pod for the radiator. I simply added a lip from sheet styrene and simulated the outlet with black decal film. I added as much engine plumbing as I could see in the reference photos I had with some creative engineering knowledge of these racing engines. Assembly of the car was done sort of like an airplane as I painted and detailed the cockpit first, then assembled the main tub, masked off the cockpit and primed and made sure the main tub seams were all filled. I then primed and painted the main body color using Guards Red. I used various Metalizer colors on the engine. Flat black was used on the interior of the body panels. Another thing that took some time was the fit of the rear bodywork to the main tub. I wanted to show off the detail and wanted to have this piece fit well on and still be able to remove it. This took a lot of careful filing and selective filling in some areas. The Indycals aftermarket decals are TERRIFIC!! The color density is good and they go on with no problems and are extremelly accurate. Check out the Links section for their website. Another good result of this model was findi9ng the Indycals site and its link to a resin 1/25th scale model of Mario's only Indy winning Hawk that Indycals also makes decals for. Can't wait to make that car also.