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This is the Tamiya 1/35th scale kit of this famous tank destroyer. This was my first attempt at applying the Zimmerit anti mine coating used by the Germans to prevent magnetic mines from being attached to the sides of their tanks and AFV's. (Could ruin your whole day!) I used the fine grain white Milliput two part epoxy for this. There is a great article in the AFV link. I will eventually post it here also as it is a wonderful how to. I could not have done this without this article. I separated the side skirts and left some off as they tended to get blown off during battle. I also applied Zimmerit to the side skirts as some of the reference photos showed this was done sometime. Camoflage is standard late war Panzer yellow with splothes of red brown and dark green with little "spots" of contrasting colors called the "ambush" pattern that simulated dappled sunlight in the woods. Testor's panzer colors and Tamiya Red brown were used. After painting, an overall coat of Tertor's glosscoat ws applied followed by the decals. The weathering process was started on the gloss surface per another article found in that same link. The dark brown black wash was wicked into the recesses. After all the grime was applied. The model was oversprayed with Testor's Dullcoat. The high areas were then brought out by drybrushing Panzer yellow. The gun barrel was dry brushed with charcoal as well as the exhaust area and rear. I do not believe in a lot of the established "exagerated" weathering. I like it to be subtle and more realistic. This tank kiler was very succesful variant of the Panzer IV chassis. Good thing that not many of them were built at the time they were introduced as Germany was well on its way to defeat. Crews liked it for it low profile and heavy 75 mm gun.