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This is the Matchbox 1/76th scale model of the Jagdpanther tank destroyer. I always liked this AFV. This was the best tank killer of the war. It had the potent 88mm gun that could defeat all allied armor at extended ranges. It had good sloping armor that was virtually impervious to allied antiarmor weapons. It did not have a turrent and its profile was a bit high, but hidden in a trap overlooking a road or tank pathway, this demon could lay waste to an entire tank column in short order. Good thing it came late in the war and only a handful were produced. It used the Panther chassis and it was a tad heavy, but it was not designed for open field operations, but in ambush roles. I decided to add a little more battle dmage to this one. I scratchbuilt the side skirts and used a hot X-Acto knife and needle to mark up the armor with simulated hits and carved on the skirts a bit. The skirts were made from .010" sheet styrene. Markings and weathering is standard for all my German armor. I liked this kit.