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The companion to the Spitfire Mk 1a. Another Battle of Britain model. This is the Airfix 1/72nd scale kit with the same details as the Spitfire, but I could not get a replacement canopy at the hoby shop. so I did not go crazy on the interior as the Spit. Aeromaster paints and decals as well as True Details weighted tires were used. Again same decal sheet and details set made this a bargain again. Much cheaper than the Hasegawa kit and it looks mo better. One note on decaling, after painting the model with the camo pattern I sprayed the entire model with Testor's glosscoat to have a good surface for the decals. Then I sprayed the entire model with Testor's Dullcoat to achieve an overall flat finish. When you do this right the decals look as if they are painted on just like the real thing. Despite the legend of the Spitfire the Hurricane was the main weapon of the British. It was used primarily to down the bombers while the Spits took care of the fighter escorts. The Hurricane was really not in the same class as the ME-109's while the Spits were the equal or better than the German fighters. These planes were later upgunned to cannon which made them a more worthy adversary and really took their toll of the bombers.