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If there was ever a model from hell this was it! This started out as a rather straightforward conversion of the AMT kit to a vintage stock car model. It was originally supposed to be the 1963 black and gold Smokey Yunick Chevy of run by Johnny Rutherford in the Daytona 500. I made the mistake of using a batch of old primer that took it time in going bad under the paint job until I had already painted the black and gold and decaled it. I tried in vain to save the paint job that started to go bad under the black. So I decided to strip the paint and redo it as the all white Junior Johnson car of the same year. I had some old JNJ decals that someone had given me and I knew these decals were old and suseptable to cracking, so I doated them with Microscale clear dedcal film as a precaution. As it turned out they needed more than one coat. When I tried to apply the front fender "Chevrolet" decals they cracked and the edges would not stick no matter what I did to save them. I had to order some Yesterday's decals of the car that eventually I used with the exception of the three main numbers with I did use from the original JNJ sheet which I feel were more accurate than the Yesterday's sheet. I had to scratchbuild the roll cage and interior area and the dash panel which was pretty easy. I usedresin after market wheels. One of which I ruined when I glued them to tne inner wheel off center by mistake and destroyed trying to remove it. I had to buy another set to replace the one I screwed up. Like I said the model from hell!! After all the trials and tribulations, the result was very nice all be it a bit more plain than the original Smokey car. I also had to convert the 409 motor into the "Mystery 429" by modifying the vlave covers and scratchbuilding the exhaust manifolds. Fortunatley I was able to download a photo of that motor to use as a guide.