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This is the old 1/72nd Airfix kit of the late WWII dive bomber. I got his kit at the same auction as the Devastator. To my knowledge it was the only 1/72nd scale kit of this plane made to date. I like only 1/72nd scale for the challenge and convenient size. Boy was this kit a challenge!! The fit was TERRIBLE especially the wing to fuselage joint. The gap was over 1/32" on both sides!!! I had to put little sheet styrene filler strips as well as CA and filler putty. I also had to massage the mid wing joint as this plane could be built with the wings folded. I also had to scratchbuild the entire interior along with additional seats. The rivet detail was too pronounced and had to be sanded off. Not one of Airfix's better jobs. I used Aeromaster paints and the kit decals (actually good) Fortunatley the paint scheme was easy. Overall dark sea blue. The rockets were a nice touch. It was a challenge, but it is the only game in town as 1/72nd scale Helldivers go.