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This is a model of the most modern lightweight jet fighter made by SAAB of Sweden. It has just entered service with the Swedish AF. It is characteristic of past SAAB designs in that it is a delta wing with front canards; one of the most unusual designs in the world's jets. SAAB has also won several recent contracts with the South African and other Air Forces of the world to supply these jets. Based on the size of the finished model this is a SMALL jet. Even smaller than a US F-16. Based on reports, this is a very capable weapon system capable of multi mission as an interceptor and strike aircraft. This is the Italeri model and is typical of Italeri in quality and fit. Minimal filling was required and cockpit detail was adequate for the price. Decals for several variants were provided. Decals were of high quality and went on with no problem. The Sidewinder missiles appear to be a tad small, but are detailed well. Overall a nice kit of this modern fighter. I slightly weathered this model per an excellent article I found on the web that I modified. I always apply a coat of Glosskote before decaling and it was at this step that I applied the weathered streaks to the surfaces as well as a thin wash in the panel lines. I built this kit in conjuction with the Viggen as the paint schemes are identical.