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This is a model of the Vietnam era Fast Patrol Craft. These boats were heavily armed, lightly armored ad very powerful. Thus they were very light and did not displace much water thus making them perfect for close in shore patrol in Vietnam waters. In additon their lightweight and powerful turbine eigines made them very dast, sorta the modern version of the older PT boats of WW2. This model is one of those Box scale Revell models. The model is about 14 inches in length and was much easier to build than the 1/700th scale ships I normally build. I was not satisfied with the kit railings so I removed them and filled in the grooves in the deck and drilled out the individual holes and inserted individual stantions made from .040" rod. 10 lb test fishing line was used to simulate the railings. The line was painted the medium grey of the hull. The rest of the model went together without mush other problems. An overall nice kit and change of pace