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This is a model of the most modern of the F-15 variants. These jets became operational during the Gulf War in 1992 where they proved very effective. This is the Cadillac of the Air Force jets with dogfighting and strike capabilities equal or better than all the world's modern jets despite its aging design. This model is the AMT ERTL one and was a great bargain. It was a model of one of the development aircrafts so no opeational markings or ordnance were provided other than a PAVE Knife targeting pod and GBU-15 guided bomb both of which went into the parts box. I scratchbuilt all the missiles and the missile rails for the Sideminder and AMRAAM missiles. I also got a Hasegawa weapons set for the LANTIRN pods and JDAM bombs to reflect a more modern ordnance load. I also picked up a set of Microscale decals for F-15E based at RAF Leakonheath. The kit did include all the data decals which took a LOOOONG time to place. Paint was Aeromaster leftovers from a local hobby shop closeout. I love these paints as they go on great and dry fast and are pre lightened for scale effect. Too bad they are no longer produced. I picked up a bunch of these at the closeout and look forward to useing them until they are gone. The cockpit did include decals and I kinda like these as they are easy and provide adequate detail in this scale. I also picked up a photoetch cockpit detail set cheap and incuded it to spruce up the cockpit a bit. Minimal fitting and filling problems were encountered. Overall a nice kit at a bargain price.