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This was the 1/72nd scale version of this famous naval fighter. Another bargain kit that turned out to be pretty good. I had to do a little bit of scratchbuilding in the cockpit with the addition of seat belts etc, but this kit went together pretty easy. The Corsair had the best kill ratio of any plane in the war. Some of this was due to the time of entry into the war and the lack of training of Japanese pilots at the time, but this plane was a good dogfighter with plenty of power, speed, and maneuverability. It was a little unforgiving to the novice pilots and for a time was not cleared for carrier operations as they were a handful on landings. The Kamikaze threat soon changed this as its performance was far ssuperior to the other figthers of the day. They were used extensively for air cover and against ground targets. The plane gained fame in the hands of the Marine Black Sheep Squadron headed by the legendary Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. I opted again for the two tone blue over white late war scheme using Aeromaster paints and kit decals.