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This is a model of the Korean war era McDonnell Douglas Banshee. This was a continuance of the great carrier based fighters from that company. This plane was made famous by the novel, "The Bridges At Toko-Ri". For those who have seen the picture they used Panthers in the movie, but Banshees were used in the novel. In actuality the Banshees came along very late in the Korean war, and were hardly used. These planes were primarily cold war warriors and never really saw any action to speak of. The were reliable and were replaced fairly quickly. They served with distinction in other foreign services. This was the only 1/72nd scale version made by HOBBYCRAFT. It is a good kit and goes together well and has decent cockpit detail. The decals are good and assembly went quickly with no glitches. A little filing was necessary to allow the wings to blend into the fuselage. All in all a nice kit of this plane.