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This is the 1/72nd scale Airfix model of this famous WWII bomber. To my knowledge this the only 1/72nd scale kit of this plane made to date. The kit is quite good with a detailed bomb bay (left open) and cockpit. All I added were seatbelts. This depicts a plane from the European theater. The markings were for a late war post invasion with invasion stripes. At the time I had run out of white paint and the hobby shop was also out, so I removed the mission markings and extrapolated what the plane would have looked like when it first arrived in Europe. Plain jane olive drab over grey. Aeromaster paints and kit decals were used. I always liked this plane and had never built one before. At the time of its introduction this plane was a handful for new pilots as it had a high wing loading but it was fast for a medium bomber. It had a speckleed reputation as a widow maker, but experienced pilots loved them for their high performance.