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This is a good kit of this variant of the Mitchell medium bomber. This is the Airfix 1/72nd scale one. The only compaint I have of this kit is the bomb bay doors fit when they are in the closed position. There is too much gap that required extensive filling. Unfortunately there is no detail in the bomb bay like the B-26 kit and it was tough to scratchbuild one. I did want to show it open, but had to leave it closed. I also scratchbuilt the internal compartments because I thought you would be able to see them through the windows. (I was wrong!!) I had taped the movie "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" about the Doolittle raid and used this for reference shots of the interior of the radio operator and navigator station behind the flight deck. This variant was a gunship with a total of 14 50 caliber guns shooting forward (8 in the nose, 4 in pods on the side of the cockpit, and two in the top turret.) AWESOME FIREPOWER!!! These things could destroy a ship in a single pass. They were used against all sorts of targets with great effect. Sort of the predecessor of the Vietnam gunships. Searching the web, I found this one with the eagle head nose art and had to do it. Aeromaster made the decals for this ship, but in 1/48th scale only. So I hand painted the nose art on this one. I painted the plane in the overall dark green and grey, masked off the nose and painted the flat white as well as the stripe amidships. I carefully sketched the outlines of the nose art in pencil and filled it in with the appropriate color with a fine brush. I like the way it looks. Menacing!! Kit decals were used and the tail codes were cobbled up from leftovers.