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This is a model of the famous tank killer A-10 "Warthog". It is important to note that the Air Force never wanted this plane. In an era of supersonic hi tech jets, this plane was pushed by the Army and Marines as a close support and tank killing machine for the European theater. Good thing they won out as this plane was DEVASTATING on Iraqui armor during the Gulf war. It also proved its reputation as a tough bastard with several taking numerous hits and bringing their pilots safely back home, just as it was designed to do. The Air Force brass may not like this plane, but the pilots LOVE them as it is a real stick and rudder plane that is highly maeuvrable and the titanium tub that surrounds the pilot gives nthme a lot of protection. This plane was basically designed around the awesome 30 mm GAU-8 gatling gun. This gun fires a mix of Armor Piercing and High Explosive rounds. The AP rounds using depleted uranium penetrators which will piece any alnd all top armor of tanks and ruining the day of the crews inside. How come I know so much about this? Well I was part of the development team that designed the ammo for this gun system. In fact I was present during live fire test of the system on actual targets. Let me just say that I would not have enjoyed being an Iraqui tanker!! In addition to the gun, this aircraft can carry a variety of anti-tank and close support weapons including the Maverick missiles and Rockeye Cluster bombs both of which appear on this model. A very capable aircraft that the AirForce is still not crazy about, but continues to deploy as reqauired at least until the JSF becomes operational. This is the Airfix kit and again was a real bargain as I picked it up cheap on e- bay as part of a buy of a couple of kits. I had to add a bit of detail to the seat, but the cockpit had some nice raised detail that drybrushing brought out to good effect. Fit was good and the kit went together with a minimum of fuss and muss. I modified the mulitple missile rails for the Mavericks to turn them into dual Sidewinder rails carried on modern versions as well as adding a more up to date ECM pod. A combination of kit decals and cheap Microscale aftermarket decals were used to reflect an AC stationed in England. I also chose the more modern two tone Ghost grey scheme with the "fake" canopy painted on underneath the real one. I weathered the finish in the similar method I used on the Gripen and Viggen based on an article I got off the web. Fortunatley there ae tons of reference shots on the web too. Overall a nice kit of a great plane.