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This was originally to be the #99 Exide Taurus of Jeff Burton. In fact the pink on the car had already been painted, but Wetworks indicated that they were coming out with the decals for the Cartoon Network Powerpuff Girls car and I waited for the decals to be released and would convet the car to that car. The Exide pink was a custom blend, but the decal manufacturer recommended the Testor's Hot Magenta. I had some trouble finding this color at the local hobby shop and I first tried unsuccessfully to blend my own. Eventually I did find the Hot Magenta and painted the car overall pink. This was my first experience with the Wetworks decals, but they are printed by Cartograf of Italy one of the best so I knew they would be great. They went on easily and conformed to the curves without any problem. A little Solvaset was necessary for the big hood decal. I think this car is a great departure from the standard NASCAR. It is a whimsical and unique scheme. The colors are eye popping.