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This was originally to be the standard paint scheme for the Burger King car. I liked that paint job, but a lot of things conspired to prevent that. First I noticed after I had primed and painted the base yellow that the actual car had slab sides and I had not modified it. I decided to go ahead and finish the car despite this fact. I masked and painted the red and started ot apply the decals. Much to my horror the decals were apparently damaged and were very hard to apply. I had to literally peel them off the backing. I stopped the process and looked to do another car. I searched for several alternatives, so I went ahead and stripped it and made all the modifications to make it into a slabside Monte. This was my first modification of this type. I cut off about 3/4" off the bottom of each side and glued in a suitable piece of sheet styrene. I used Squadron Signal white putty to blend in the transition from the curve to the straight section. Several coats of primer and spot filling were necessary to get it just right. At this time I was still looking for a set of nice decals. I was lucky to find a set of the Burger King Flame style decals from Slixx on e-bay for a song. This was neat paint job as it had flames and fades, both of which I like on cars. The paint job was going to be a challenge, but it turned out fairly easy. I first painted the side areas yellow. I then noted the area of the flames and then using my double action airbrush I faded in the flourescent red areas of the flame area free hand. I had to go back and forth with two airbrushes between the yellow and red until the fade looked right. I let this dry a couple of days. I then had to figure out how to mask the flame area to paint the black. I made a copy of the flame outline decal and glued it to some masking tape with white glue. I then, using a sharp X-acto knife, cut just inside the outline and I had two nice masks for each side in the exact pattern. This turned out great. I shot the black, being careful to apply many light cats to eliminate any bleed thru under the tape, removed the masked areas and lucky no bleed thru at all. The decals went on without any problems and I had only very small touch up areas of black to do. This is one of the nicest looking paint jobs I have seen on a NASCAR.