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This was my first "vintage" stock car model. It is mor work thatn the other NASCAR's in that you need to scratchbuild the roll cage as well as other details. Refernce photos are tough to find. Fortunately there are aftermarket decal makers like Cady and Yesterdays that make great decals for these cars of the bygone era. I used Yesterday's for this model. They are available from BSR Replicas (See Links) and ar the best I have used. The kit is an AMT 62 Pontiac 421 SD kit. The seat is the spare from a 63 Impala. The roll cage was scratchbuilt from plastic sprue. (Yes I am cheap!!) There should be an article on this site showing the details of doing this. The rear seat was removed and a piece of sheet styrene was used to simulate the sheet metal in this area. I also had to scratchbuild an instument panel to place over the stock dash. Fortunately this kit had the exhaust separate so I just left it off and scratchbuilt a set of exhaust dumps. I used the single card exhaust manifuld from he GTO kit and an air cleaner from the junk box. The tires are 70 series from a late model stock car with most of the tire tread detail sanded off as well as the side lettering. The blue was Testor's custom blend to match the decals. You will note that the majority of the chrome trim was left intact. Bare Metal Foil was used. This is a rather nice paint scheme for a vintage car. There will be more.