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This was my first Revell/Monogram kit. I was at first intimidated by the decal and where to mask off the body to hide the color separation line under the decals. The entire side art is one hugh decal. After listening to all the advice from the guys and gals on the Randy Ayers Site (See Links) I decided to do the color separation line straight down from the front lower corner of the rood pillar to the bottom of the quarter panel. That way the little "V's" hide the separation line and the side and top sixes are all aplied over the Testor's dark blue and subsquently all looked the same. I also cut the hugh decal into two at the bottom of the window line and placed each on separately. I was prepared to "doubleup" the 6's but I felt it was unnecessary as it looks kinda good. I have to thank the guys on the board for the advice on this one as I avoided their boo boo's on this car. The Revell Taurus roll cage is too narrow to fit over the lower chassis and either has to be widened or the chassis recess that it fits into be narrowed. I chose to dothe second option as I felt that would result in the least problems fitting the bosy later. I also removed the rear location pins on the rear wheel wells as they do not line up with the roll cage. I also assembled the roll cage minus the top front cross member and the diagonal cross member prior to painting the chassis as a unit. This was the first time I did this and have applied this technique to all my NACAR's from this point onward.