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This was my first Monte Carlo. Actually I was building four kits at the same time. This one, two Tauri, and another Monte. All the lessons learned from the first kits were applied to these. (Narrowed track, build roll cage before painting, etc) This one went together rather straight forward and did not suffer the too narrow roll cage problems of the Tauri or the pin location problem of the Tauri or earlier Monte's. You will note the addition of the inner head restraint netting used on the later cars like this one and the Valvoline Taurus. As with all I scratchbuild my own window netting. There will be (maybe already) article on my site on how to do this. Although this picture does not show it there are a buch of rear spoiler support rods which are scratchbuilt from thin rod. There should be an article somewhere on this site on how to do this also. I like the paint scheme on this car. Testor's paint was again used. The red is a bone of contention. I wanted to match the kit decal side number for the rear half of the car. I used Italian Red and Chrome Yellow. I think the kit decal color is off and should be more of a Guards Red, but I think the Italian Red better matches the kit decal. I painted the hood white before decaling.