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This is the AMT STP Pontiac. This was released with the same molds as the Kyle Petty kit, but the nose was very different that year. I had to fill in the front spoiler area to matche the box photo as it ran that year. I used .010 styrene strips to fiill in the cavity and touched it up with white putty. I also had to remove the original grill and make a new one and glue it on after the majot nose job was done. The Petty color scheme was custom mixed from Testor's paints. After using the Detail Master seat belt hardware, I decided that on subsequent models I would use a scratchbuilt set using .005" sheet styrene cut in little squares and glued on the belts with a small square of the belt glued on top like a little sandwich to simulate the seat hardware. I will be putting an article to show how to di this. It is a "poor man's" way of simulating belt hardware without goin blind, Also works on planes. This model as well as all the "modern" cars has a clearcoat of Future sprayed on with an airbrush over the decals for that nice shiny look.