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This was my first NASCAR model. It is an AMT kit so it is smaller than the newer kits. I like the suspension and the engine detail better. The paint is Testor's with the green being custom mixed to match the box photo. The engine compartment has been detailed with spark wires, oil and fuel lines, etc. The interior has lines running through it also and the seat belts use the Detail Master photoetched belt hardware. I did both at the same time with the other set going into the Citgo bird. Thsi stuff is tough to work with and I am now blind. The front track needed to be narrowed so the tires would fit inside the body by removing th raised hub on the wheel and sanding down the disc brake caliper. All the AMT kits have this problem as do the Revell kits. Stock kit decals were used which were a pain to get to snuggle down. As with all my NASCAR's the window netting is scratchbuilt from masking tape strips and draped over the side of the car.