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I sorta have become a Ward Burton fan. I like the way he talks as he sounds like a real stock car driver. In fact the running joke on the message board is his name is pronounced "Wuhd Buhton". I have decided to make several of his Winston Cup rides. This is the first of the series. It is Ward's first Cup ride. Fortunately, Slixx made the decals for the Lumina. This particular Lumina was one of the Days of Thinder models that I picked up cheap on e-bay. The only problem was that it was molded in orange!! That meant it had to be primed to insure no bleed through of the color according to the messages on the board. But I experimented and just sprayed the chassis striaght with the gloss gull grey with no primer. I found that it took a little more paint, but there was no bleed through. Also the Days of Thunder Lumina is a 92 version which required a little fill in of the front spoiler and filling in of the rear license plate opening to update it to 94 specs. This was not a big problem. I mixed up the dayglo orange to match the decals and the two tone paint job was relatively easy. The Slixx decals went on okay with a little cracking of the orange lettering which had to be touched up. Also the rear quarter panel "Hardee's" are too big compared to the reference photos i had of the car. Otherwise a nice addition to the collection.