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Another AMT kit. I used Chimneyville after market decals combined with the kit decals to replicate Neil Bonnett's ride. The name and Hossier decals were custom made on my computer printer on blank decal paper. This is fairly easy using any word processing program. As with all my NASCAR's the engine is detailed as is the interior. The paint is Testor's blue and Classic white. I like this Citgo scheme. It is sort of patriotic in nature. Only thing is the decals are a tad large as they are designed for the larger 1/24th scale cars, but they do not look too bad. As with all my NASCAR's, the tires are lettered with a Replica and Miniatures of Maryland tire stencil (the Hoosier one here) using either Tamiya flat white acrylic or Floquil Reefer white paint shot from an airbrush. I used a fine 0000 brush and some slightly thinned red paint to paint the red ring on the wheels. Just flows into the recess. I normally let the wheels dry at least a week before I do this as any overpaint can be quickly removed with a Q-tip slightly dampened with thinner. This will not remove the fully cured wheel paint.